Session 9

Session #9 begins by performing Self Myofascial Release series A.

You will also go back to your session #1 and session #5 stretches and repeat series A for Flexibility.

You will perform the half kneeling adductor dip for the last time in today’s session. It will be followed by the same transverse split squat you performed in session #6. You will be introduced to a new hip mobility drill today with the shin grab. This will serve as the dynamic version of the standing shin grab that you perform in your Flexibility B set. Maintain a neutral spine, and don’t substitute lumbar extension for hip flexion. The cradle walk, for hip external rotation, will be repeated in this session. Two new mobility drills are introduced today to improve movement in the thoracic spine and shoulder girdle. The side-lying windmill is a progression from the side-lying external rotation that was performed during the early sessions. And, the broom pec mob should serve to increase range of motion at the shoulder and improve your thoracic extension at the same time.

Your activation segment will begin on your back while performing the double leg hip lift to promote contribution from the glutes toward hip extension. Like the other hip lifts you’ve performed so far, it’s important to push through your heels to achieve maximal glute activation. This will be followed by the stability ball roll-out for core stability. The objective is to prevent lumbar extension throughout the movement. The ball placement can be adjusted to increase or decrease difficulty. Next, you will perform the elbow push-up. You’ll notice that elements of the plank are present in this exercise, so be sure to employ those fundamentals. Otherwise, you are working to strengthen the scapular stabilizers. Like the horizontal movement, the vertical band pull-apart will be performed to activate the lower trapezius, which is critical for optimal shoulder function and posture. The glute medius and external rotators of the hip will be turned on while performing the band standing hip external rotation exercise. This will contribute to better movement at the hip and improved stability at the lumbar spine. You have also reached the third and final progression of the fulcrum as you extend the lever and move your positioning forward for greater activity of the back extensors.

During the strength training segment, you return to a horizontal pushing pattern with the single arm high chest press performed on a stability ball. Core and shoulder stability will be required as you press 1 dumbbell while maintaining the other in an elevated position. You will assume a bridge position on the stability ball with your head supported and hips up to integrate core and glute activation. The “filler” behind the press is the elbow push-up for activation of the scapular stabilizers among other parts of the body. Next, you will transition to a snatch position for your single arm split squat. This will require more stability throughout the body in contrast the low dumbbell hold. The shin grab mobility drill will follow to reinforcement sound hip flexion. Your upper body pull movement for the day is the cable/band standing row. In previous sessions you have performed this movement from kneeling positions. The vertical band pull-apart will be performed as the “filler” exercise to emphasize contribution from the muscles of the upper back. A glute-ham negative will be performed next to train the muscles of the back-side of the body. This movement will require synergistic strength from the glutes, hamstrings, and calves to execute properly. The objective is to decelerate your body weight down as slow as possible. Ankle mobility will be reinforced afterward with the half kneeling adductor dip.

Your session will conclude with Exit Work as you choose 1 or more components of your Prep Work and repeat the process to emphasize clean movements once again.