Session 8

Session #8 begins by performing Self Myofascial Release series B.

You will also go back to your session #4 stretches and repeat series D for Flexibility. You should experience increased range of motion from the first time you performed these stretches.

Your same ankle mobility work will carry over to today’s session with the half kneeling adductor dip. For hip mobility, you will return to the frontal split squat as you train lateral movement through the hip. The supine single leg raise from session #6 will be repeated in today’s session. A new hip rotation drill is introduced today as you perform the standing hip internal rotation drill. It’s important to focus on turning your hips hard against the non-moving leg instead of simply swinging the leg over. The wall slide and crouched t-spine rotation drills will be repeated for thoracic mobility.

The same activation series from session #7 will be performed in session #8.

For the strength training segment, the same single arm pull from session #6 will be progressed to a half kneeling position. It’s key to maintain neutral posture here and not compensate for the more unstable position. Lumbar stability and hip extension will be reinforced with the bird-dog “filler”. A new hip hinge movement is introduced today with the dumbbell swing. Note that this movement is identical to the pull-through performed at the beginning of the therapy program, only faster with a different tool. That being said, perform the movement at a speed that you can tolerate and do NOT substitute back extension for hip extension. The band clam serve as the “filler” to continue to work on glute medius activation. The stability ball shoulder press will be progressed today as you perform the movement with 1 arm. The “filler” that follows will be the wall slide to enhance thoracic mobility and clean movement through the upper back and shoulders. Your final strength training movement of the day is the single arm split squat. Like the suitcase dead-lift in the previous session, the single arm hold will require more contribution from the core to stabilize the spine and prevent rotational movement. Hip rotational mobility will be reinforced afterward with the standing hip internal rotation drill.

Your session will conclude with Exit Work as you choose 1 or more components of your Prep Work and repeat the process to emphasize clean movements once again.