Session 6

Session #6 begins by performing the soft tissue series B from sessions #2 and #4.

You will also go back to your session #2 stretches and repeat series B for Flexibility. You should experience increased range of motion from the first time you performed these stretches.

The knee break ankle mobility drill will be performed for the last time in session #6. Hip mobility work begins by transitioning to a transverse split squat in which the rotational plane of movement is employed in contrast to the linear and lateral planes that were used in the previous 2 sessions. The same movement fundamentals apply for this split squat despite the change of direction. Next, a single leg raise will be performed while lying on your back. The objective here is to create maximal range of motion at the hip without compensating elsewhere to create it. The windshield wiper, seated t-spine rotation, and bent-over t-spine rotation drills are repeated from previous sessions.

The same activation series from session #5 will be repeated in session #6.

The lat pull from sessions #2 and #4 will now be performed 1 arm at a time, requiring more core stability. A side plank “filler” will be performed afterward to reinforce core stability. The feet elevated hip lift movement from previous sessions will be utilized today as you add a hamstring curl with the stability ball for added difficulty. The glutes and hamstrings will have to coordinate together to perform this movement in conjunction with core stability. Functional hip movement and glute activation will be reinforced afterward with the seated hip hinge. The standing chest press will be progressed as you will assume a split stance today. This will introduce added instability and require additional core activity to perform. The “filler” that follows will be the bent-over t-spine rotation to enhance thoracic mobility. For your last strength training movement of the day, you progress to a goblet split squat. This should be a familiar movement pattern as you trained this same movement unloaded in mobility work during session #4 with the sagittal split squat. With that in mind, employ the same cues you used to execute the mobility drill. The only difference is that you’re now adding load to the pattern to train strength. Glute medius activation will be addressed afterward with the clam.

Your session will conclude with Exit Work as you choose 1 or more components of your Prep Work and repeat the process to emphasize clean movements once again.