Session 4

Session #4 begins by repeating the soft tissue series B from session #2. Like I stated in the previous session, hopefully you have broken down some scar tissue and adhesions since the last time you addressed these areas, so you should be feeling slightly less soreness this time through.

You will perform the fourth set of flexibility exercises (D) today after completing your soft tissue work. First, you will stretch the rhomboids and upper back with the single arm pull. Next, you target the hamstring at multiple angles with the band 3-way hamstring. It’s important to give attention to stabilizing the parts of the body other than the targeted leg to ensure there are no compensation patterns. The half kneeling hip flexor will address lengthening the muscles that run along the front side of the leg. Positioning adjustments can be made if this stretch is difficult to perform at first. The seated 90/90 will address hip external rotation. Remain conscious of your posture while performing the stretch.

A new ankle mobility drill is introduced today with the knee break. You will be performing the same movement pattern through the ankle as with the wall mob but will be doing so this time independent from the wall with both ankles moving at the same time. The multi-planer split squat series begins today in the sagittal, or linear, plane of movement. The key movement pattern takes place at the hip of the lead leg, while the spine should remain stable. Thoracic mobility, shoulder range of motion, and posture is also a priority as the arms will remain raised in an overhead position. The side-lying leg raise and windshield wiper movements from session #2 will be repeated in today’s session, as will the 2 thoracic mobility drills from session #3, the diamond slide and quad rotation.

The same activation series from session #3 will be repeated in session #4.

Your first strength training movement for the day is the lat pull performed from a half kneeling position instead of a tall kneeling position as was performed in session #2. All the same movement cues apply, only this time you will have to work harder to stabilize yourself because of the half kneeling position. The diamond slide “filler” will be performed after to reinforce efficient movement through the shoulder and upper back. For your hip dominant movement, you will perform a hip lift, but this time you will perform it from a position with your feet elevated instead of your back like in previous sessions. The hip lift will be backed up with quad bent-knee hip extension to reinforce glute activity in conjunction with core stability. For your upper body push movement, you will progress the shoulder press to a half kneeling position while pressing 1 dumbbell at a time. This will require significant more stability that the shoulder press from session #3. This will be followed by a doorway slide “filler” where proper scapular elevation is rehearsed. Your final strength training movement is the goblet box squat where you will take the body weight squat performed in session #3 and load the pattern with a weight held under your chin to allow for good posture. The box (or whatever is available)is utilized to reinforce depth and confidence in the pattern. Ankle mobility will be reinforced afterward in the “filler” movement.

Your session will conclude with Exit Work as you choose 1 or more components of your Prep Work and repeat the process to emphasize clean movements once again.