Session 17

session #17 begins by performing Self Myofascial Release series A.

You will be performing Flexibility series A in today’s session.

The rocking ankle pike will be repeated to kick off today’s mobility segment. Next, the driver lunge with t-spine rotation will transition to lateral movement. It is more difficult to separate the hips and thoracic spine in lateral movement than it was for linear movement, so place your attention on keeping that pattern clean. A couple movements will be combined for the next mobility drill, as a shin grab is followed by a reverse lunge and overhead raise for both hip and thoracic mobility. You will perform the hip airplane again for rotational mobility at the hip. The final mobility drill of the session integrates several training variables. Thoracic mobility will be trained along with glute and core activity as you hold a 3-point plank while rotating the thoracic spine.

The single leg hip lift will employ a tennis ball today as hip flexor activity is achieved by securing the ball instead of pushing against the leg. Your second activation drill is the crab walk, only this time you move backwards from that position. A waiter carry will be performed next to activate the core and shoulder stabilizers while linking functional movement from the hip to opposite shoulder. The plank hand switch will also address core and shoulder stabilization. Next, you will perform the reach, roll, and lift for activation of the lower trapezius. For your final activation drill of the day, you will transition from “Y” position to a “T” position while executing the prone trap raise to, once again, activate the lower trapezius.

A standard push-up will be performed today in the strength training segment. It’s very important to keep in mind your plank fundamentals while performing this movement. Pay attention to the details of the push-up as many take the movement for granted and don’t fulfill the true objectives of the push-up. It will be followed by backward crab walk, enhance posture and both glute and core activation. You will transition from a goblet hold to a low dumbbell hold today while performing the lunge. All the same movement fundamentals remain constant with regard to the lunge pattern. Glute and hip flexor activation will be addressed in the “filler” with the tennis ball single leg hip lift. Your upper body pulling pattern will be the dumbbell single leg single arm row. A great deal of muscle integration is required to perform this movement. While assuming a single leg stance, work to assume a “T” position with your trunk as close to parallel with the ground as possible. Maintain a flat back position while rowing a dumbbell with the arm opposite of the down leg. Core and shoulder stability will be targeted afterward with the waiter carry. Your final strength training exercise of the session is the cable/band lift. This incorporates a wide range of movement as you initiate movement from a low position and transition to an overhead finish. This will require a significant amount of muscle to perform. Hip and thoracic mobility will be enhanced with the frontal lunge and driver t-spine rotation afterward.

Your session will conclude with Exit Work as you choose 1 or more components of your Prep Work and repeat the process to emphasize clean movements once again