Session 16

Session #16 begins by performing Self Myofascial Release series B.

You will be performing Flexibility series D in today’s session.

Mobility work will begin today with a new exercise to increase range of motion at the ankle. You will perform the rocking pike by attempting to drive your heel into the ground. This will stretch the calf and create flexion at the ankle. Your lunge driver series returns to the sagittal (linear) plane of movement but this time incorporates thoracic rotation. The key is to create rotation with a shoulder turn while bracing your core to ensure that the lumbar spine doesn’t rotate. The spiderman series progresses as you will add a knee extension movement to the process to lengthen the hamstring allowing for improved pelvic alignment and a pain free back. You will perform the stability knee to knee, spiderman reach and side-lying windmill just as you have in previous sessions.

The same activation series used in session #15 will be used in session #16.

In today’s strength training segment, you will lead off by performing the row from a bent-over position with your head supported on a fixed object that stands roughly hip high. You should demonstrate the posture fundamentals that have been drilled in previous sessions with your back flat and shoulders pulled back and down. Your head is supported to encourage you to maintain your position instead of rising up. Core stability will be reinforced with the suitcase carry that follows. The dumbbell single leg dead-lift will be performed with a single arm hold today to increase the anti-rotational demands on the core. Hip mobility will be enhanced in the “filler” as you perform the spiderman shift and extension. The stability ball prone shoulder press will progress today to a single arm movement, adding an increased level of instability to the movement. Lower trapezius activation will be addressed in the “filler” with the prone trap (y) raise. Deceleration demands are increased today on the lunge as we remove the elevated landing. You will use a goblet hold in today’s session. The “filler” the follows will focus on internal rotation at the hip with the stability ball knee to knee movement.

Your session will conclude with Exit Work as you choose 1 or more components of your Prep Work and repeat the process to emphasize clean movements once again