Session 15

Session #15 begins by performing Self Myofascial Release series A.

You will be performing Flexibility series C in today’s session.

You will perform the rotational ankle sweep for the last time in today’s session. Hip mobility work will begin will begin with the driver lunge series as you transition to the transverse (rotational) movement. The reverse lunge with posterolateral reach and hip airplane will be repeated from previous sessions. For thoracic mobility, the spiderman reach is introduced today. You will assume the forward shift position for the spiderman pattern and hold. While in this position, maintain thoracic mobility and rotate the shoulders for rotational mobility. You will conclude your mobility work with the side-lying windmill.

To begin activation, you will take the single leg hip lift movement and add resistance to the elevated leg by pushing on the front of the thigh. This will activate the hip flexor muscles to coordinate with hip extensor activation on the pushing leg. The forward moving crab walk will serve to activate the glutes and core, while also opening up your posture. The suitcase carry will call upon the core to prevent rotational movement and also coordinate the hip with the opposite shoulder while walking. Core stability is also trained with the cable/band anti-rotation chop. The resisted no money drill will be trained once again, this time in a standing position against a wall. The prone trap raise, or Y, will be utilized to turn on the lower trapezius muscles that promote functional movement of the shoulder and better posture.

Your strength training segment begins by assuming a prone position on the stability ball to execute the shoulder press. It will require significantly less load to perform than the other shoulder press movements, but it will demand more stabilization effort on your part. The crab walk will follow to reinforcement activation and posture. The step lunge follows and will be executed with a low dumbbell hold today instead of the goblet hold that was used in session #14. Core stability will be enhanced afterward with the anti-rotation chop. The rear deltoids and upper back will be strengthened in the next exercise with the reverse fly. Thoracic mobility will be enhanced in the “filler” that follows with the side-lying windmill. You will progress from the weighted single leg dead-lift reach to a low dumbbell hold. The key is to maintain the same spine position that you have grooved in mobility work and the weighted reach. Hip flexor mobility and shoulder range of motion will be enhanced with the reverse lunge and posterolateral reach “filler” that follows.

Your session will conclude with Exit Work as you choose 1 or more components of your Prep Work and repeat the process to emphasize clean movements once again