Session 12

Session #12 begins by performing Self Myofascial Release series B.

You will also go back to your session #4 and session #8 stretches and repeat series D for Flexibility.

All of your mobility drills are repeated from previous sessions except for the transition to a transverse lunge with press for hip mobility. While training the right hip, you should aim to open your right foot up to 3:00 before returning to the neutral position after each rep. Likewise, the left foot should open to 9:00 while training the left hip. While repeating the other mobility drills, you should see considerable increases in your range of motion.

The same activation series from session #11 will be used in session #12.

During the strength training segment, the standing single arm row will progress to a split stance position, adding a degree of instability, which must be resolved. Thoracic extension will be enhanced afterward using the foam roller. Next, you will progress to single arm reverse lunge. You will hold the dumbbell on the same side of the moving leg, and your objective will be to resist rotation in the trunk while performing the movement. Your “filler” will be the ankle wall mob. Your standing shoulder press will also progress to a single arm movement requiring more stability from the trunk to execute. The scapular stabilizers will be addressed afterward in the “filler” with the scap push-up. Your last strength training exercise of the day will be the step-up performed with a single arm dumbbell hold for added instability. Like the other single arm movements, the objective is to resist rotational movement. Glute activation will be addressed in the “filler” with the x-band/monster walk.

Your session will conclude with Exit Work as you choose 1 or more components of your Prep Work and repeat the process to emphasize clean movements once again