Session 11

Session #11 begins by performing Self Myofascial Release series A.

You will also go back to your session #3 and session #7 stretches and repeat series C for Flexibility.

The multi-planer ankle wall mob will carry over from session #10 to session #11. The hip mobility lunge series transitions to a lateral movement in today’s session with the frontal lunge with press movement. Continue to focus on keeping your weight on the back of the foot on contact and maintain trunk stability as your flex through your hip. A common flaw with this movement is to open the foot, knee, and hip of the landing leg to compensate for a lack of hip mobility and/or core stability. Keep this in check, and work to increase your range of motion with no compensations. The shin grab and cradle walk will be repeated from previous sessions. A new thoracic mobility drill is introduced in today’s session as you will take the quadruped t-spine rotation from previous sessions and add shoulder internal rotation to the movement. You do this by fixing your arm behind your back on the rotating side. Be sure to keep your shoulder blade set down and back throughout the movement to maintain scapular stability. Thoracic extension will be trained again with the foam being used as a hinge.

For activation, the hip lift will progress to a single leg movement today. The fundamentals remain the same. You will progress from a standard front plank to a 3-point plank in which you elevate 1 leg while holding the position. This will require both additional core stability and glute activation on the elevated side. The scap push-up is a progression from the elbow push-up and serves the same purpose of activating the serratus anterior, which enhances scapular stability. Glute medius activity will be trained by performing either the x-band or monster walk, depending on what tools you have available. The single leg figure 8 will activate the stabilizers that support the joints of your leg and core. The bigger the 8, the harder your body will have to work to stabilize. The prone W raise will serve to activate your lower trapezius similar to the prone lower trap that you performed in previous sessions.

In today’s session, you will take the shoulder press to a standing position and then reinforce thoracic mobility and range of motion at the shoulder afterward with the quad t-spine rotation with shoulder internal rotation filler. The step-up movement will transition from a goblet hold to a low dumbbell hold at your sides. Don’t allow your shoulders to roll forward as advance through the set. The “filler” that follows will be the cradle walk to enhance external rotation of the hip. The standing cable/band row from session #9 becomes a single arm movement in today’s session. The key adjustment will be to prevent trunk rotation with only 1 arm working. Core stability and glute activity will be enhanced afterward with the 3-point leg plank. Your final strength training exercise of the day will be the reverse lunge, only this time performed with 2 dumbbells held by your side instead of the elevated goblet hold you utilized in the previous session. Like the step-up, maintain a strong posture position throughout the set. The “filler” that follows will be the single leg hip lift to reinforce glute activity.

Your session will conclude with Exit Work as you choose 1 or more components of your Prep Work and repeat the process to emphasize clean movements once again.