Session 10

Session #10 begins by performing Self Myofascial Release series B.

You will also go back to your session #2 and session #6 stretches and repeat series B for Flexibility.

You will begin today’s mobility segment with a new but familiar drill for ankle mobility. The wall mob that you performed in the first 3 sessions will now be performed in multiple planes to increase range of motion in the ankle. You will be making a transition today with your hip mobility work. The stationary split squat patterns now become more dynamic as you will now lunge into each position. This adds more work for the body as you will have to contend with a greater amount of force to decelerate once your foot strikes the ground. Today, you will work in a linear path with the sagittal lunge and raise. Hip mobility will be trained with the prisoner squat, as will ankle and thoracic mobility when performed correctly. Feet will be positioned just outside your hips, and posture should be maintained to the best of your ability during the movement. The standing hip internal rotation will be repeated today, as will your 2 thoracic mobility drills, the side-lying windmill and broom pec mob.

The same activation series from session #9 will be used in session #10.

A cable face pull will be performed first during your strength training segment. This pulling movement is executed at a higher hand position than the low row that was programmed for previous sessions. This movement strengthens the muscles of the upper back. It will be followed by a stability ball roll-out to reinforce core stability. The goblet reverse lunge will be performed next. Although labeled as a lunge, the reverse action requires you to pull your body back to the neutral position, thus training your glurtes and muscles on the back-side of your leg more so than a forward lunge. Standing hip internal rotation will serve as the “filler” afterward. You will then progress to the alternating chest press, also performed on a stability ball like the press movement from the previous session. The alternating pattern requires you to stabilize your trunk to manage the contrasting movements. Utilize the same stabilizing cues on the stability ball that you employed in session #9. Thoracic mobility will be reinforced afterward with the side-lying windmill. Your final strength training exercise of the day is the goblet step-up. Remain conscious of your trunk positioning during the movement, as many people compensate for lack of hip mobility or leg strength by flexing at the trunk. Also, be sure to finish tall and extended through the hip at the top of the movement. The prisoner squat mobility drill will serve as the “filler” after completing your step-ups.

Your session will conclude with Exit Work as you choose 1 or more components of your Prep Work and repeat the process to emphasize clean movements once again.