Groundbreaking Robotic Spine Surgery

I’m very excited to announce that I am one of the first Spine Surgeons in the United States to add the Mazor X StealthRobotic Platform to my surgical practice. The Mazor X System combines pre-operative planning tools and analytics with intraoperative guidance, giving me advanced surgery options. Using the 3d imaging, I’ll be able to show my patients exactly what each personalized procedure involves.

The platform integrates and streamlines three complex processes:

  1. 3D planning of surgery
  2. intraoperative precision of robotic guidance
  3. intra-op visualization with robotic navigation

This system can be used for: endoscopic spine surgery, minimally invasive back surgery, spinal stenosis surgery, lumbar back surgery, and more.

What is Robotic Assisted Spine Surgery?

Before entering the OR, I will use the 3D planning functionality to plan an optimal surgery in a CT-based 3D simulation of the patient’s spine. In addition, computer analytics will provide me with pre-operative data for procedure planning and intraoperative guidance during the procedure itself. Using these technologies, I can operate with precision, efficiency, and confidence!

Why Is Robotic Spine Surgery Necessary?

Minimally-invasive procedures with their smaller incisions can pose a challenge due to the limited view of the patient’s anatomy. The Mazor X Stealth Platform helps to overcome this challenge with a 3D comprehensive surgical plan and analytics that give me comprehensive information and visualization before the surgery starts. This technology allows for smaller incisions and shorter hospital stays for patients.

In short, as the requirements of specialized surgical operations continue to develop, so does the difficulty of such procedures. Robotic assisted surgery is the next step forward. I found the Mazor X Platform to be enabling with both accuracy and minimally-invasive approaches for spine procedures. The system helps us to continue our leadership in surgical excellence!